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The Advantages of Keeping your Documents in a Document Management/ECM System vs. in Folders on the Network

Here is a short benefits statement comparing putting your records in a document management system versus keeping the files in a folder system on a network drive.

Documents on the Network in a Folder & File System:

  • Cannot be easily be shared without allowing complete access control to the users
  • Can be lost or deleted without a trace regarding how it happened, if it ever existed!, who did it and whether or not it can be recovered
  • Stored and named without any regard to Folder and File structure or naming protocol
  • Require time and money spent managing them and their storage space

A Document Management/ECM System Provides:

  • Protection via multiple layers of security
  • Accessibility to users based on individual and group rights, including those granted via your Active Directory Domain services
  • Multiple document revisions
  • An audit trail to:
    • Ensure that they can be recovered if they are altered or deleted accidentally or maliciously
    • Determine which users are accessing documents and their actions, i.e. editing, printing, forwarding, renaming, deleting, etc.
  • Policy based record retention
  • Multiple index fields
  • Index and content based searching
  • Annotation, redaction, sticky notes, comment fields, workflow

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