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Aperture Card Scanning Services

Aperture Card Scanning Services | Inception Technologies

Inception Technologies can digitize your aperture card collections. Many organizations utilized aperture cards for storing their documents but today the equipment to read these is either very expensive or obsolete. By scanning your engineering drawings or other documents that reside on aperture cards, you can activate the information that is resident in your archive.

Once digitized, the information can be shared with other users, printed or uploaded to a Document Management or ECM system. These documents can now be viewed and accessed in a secure fashion. Inception Technologies can take your archives and create the documents in any image format needed including TIFF, JPG or Searchable PDF. Aperture cards containing one or multiple document images in one frame, can be scanned as one image or each document as a separate image.

In many instances, aperture cards have a Hollerith code that is used for indexing. Our systems can read that code and provide back valuable information about the documents. In addition, our team can also extract information right from the image itself to provide more detailed information about the drawing that can be uploaded into an imaging system or other application.

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