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It's time to extract the value from those documents sitting in your archives. Our state of the art document conversion center not only can handle volumes of paper but it is also equipped to handle almost any type of media you want to digitize. Our lab can convert your 16 and 35 mm microfilm, microfiche, aperture cards, bound books, and wide format drawings up to 54 inches wide. In addition, we have done specialty projects such as glass etchings, slides and X-rays.

Why customers chose Inception

 Often times customers don't realize Inception provides a full range of conversion and BPO Services.  Here is why some of our customers choose Inception to provide these types of services:

  • We are the only Service Bureau in New England that provides the full range of document services without Sub-Contractors
  • Our security protocols and procedures have to meet  our customers toughest requirements to process financial and personal information
  • Our procedures are fully documented and audited
  • Our customer service team is second to none

Benefits of Scanning Document Records

It's time to clear out those filing cabinets and boxes in storage costing hard dollars every month. While there is still valuable content on those documents, the cost of keeping documents on older less accessible media is growing, particularly if you are storing the documents with a third party.  Many companies who digitize their records find that they increase their productivity, improve customer service and increase revenues and profits by enabling employees to process more orders or spend their time selling instead of pushing paper.

Our conversion services are customized for each customer's job and specifications. We help define what the customer needs and the final output, then we design the custom process and execute it to the custom specifications. The end result is data and documents to the customer's exact specifications.

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