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Carbonite E2 Backup Appliance

Securely Manage Your Information

Inception Technologies wants you to say goodbye to complicated disaster recovery (DR). The Carbonite Backup Appliance provides powerful yet simple backup & recovery for every server in your environment. With on-site data recovery and automatic cloud integration, it's designed to protect any company's most important asset: its data. Bare Metal Restore (BMR) helps preserve "business as usual."

  • Cloud and on-site backup for servers with no per-server or per-device fee
  • Includes hardware, software, support and service – no additional licensing fees or hidden costs
  • Centralized management of Back up sets, retention policies, notifications, and security policies
  • Advanced compression technology speeds backup and recovery times, and reduces storage costs
  • Dissimilar Hardware Restore with no OS or other software installation required
  • Support for FERPA, GLBA, and HIPAA compliance

Why Hybrid Backup is Better for Business

Hybrid backup gives you the speed of local recovery for critical applications and data, and the added protection of cloud backups for disaster recovery scenarios. This ensures you can access data quickly, reliably and securely in virtually any data loss scenario.

1 LOCAL BACKUP - for rapid recovery

2 OFFSITE BACKUP - for redundant data protection

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