Document Scanning & Workflow Automation

Document Management Cloud Services

Securely Manage Your Information

Doctanium powered by acts as your online content management solution. Use it to store, share and collaborate on any kind of document or media file.

  • Supports over 200+ file types including PowerPoint, spreadsheets, PDFs, images, videos and audio
  • Upload files one at a time (up to 5GB each) or drag and drop multiple files all at once
  • No matter how, where or when you share content – desktop, laptop, phone or tablet – the sophisticated security features of Doctanium put you in control; it's easy to set passwords for shared files, change file access permissions at any time and limit how long users can access a file

Comprehensive Reporting, Logging, and Audit Trails

Track account activity, file access, settings changes and nearly everything else that occurs in Doctanium.

  • Full Transparency — See user activity with reports on over 50 different events across seven different categories
  • Reporting and Audit Trails — Create detailed reports or integrate events into SIEM applications like HP ArcSight, Splunk, and SumoLogic
  • Follow Users and Activity — Track usernames, email and IP addresses; see timestamps for every action through the Box Admin Console and the reporting API

Control Access, Authentication and Authorization

Easily configure permissions for your organization to ensure that the right people have the right level of access to company information.

  • Strong Authentication — Customize password strength requirements, resets, failed logins, session duration, two-factor authentication, and single sign-on integration
  • Granular Authorization — With seven levels of permission for access, preview, editing, and sharing, you can ensure individual users and groups can only see what they need to
  • Flexible Access Controls — Password-protect confidential presentations and financial documents; set automatic expiration dates for sensitive files

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