Document Scanning & Workflow Automation

Computhink ContentVerse from Inception Technologies

Computhink ContentVerse

Computhink's ContentVerse is a powerful tool for automating document processes and managing your valuable documents. Organize, Store and Retrieve your documents via a browser or thick client. With support for over 400 different file types, documents are accessible to the right people through a robust, built in Security module.

Add Content

Easy and simple to do, you can Scan, import, Drag and Drop, initiate a Direct Save for other applications straight into the ContentVerse or an existing document within the system. With multiple options for automatic capture and auto-population of key information, the speed of defining location and classification of Content is complemented with automated batch processing if required.

Share Content

Collaboration is a breeze. With our web accessible options, employees and co-workers can access their files from anywhere, from any device, at any time. Real time notification of document updates and changes ensure timely collaboration with colleagues. ContentVerse offers the ultimate in Project management control, keeping track of the input of others, markup documents, adding clarifications and automating business tasks to optimize efficient processing. Add and safely retrieve your comments, notes, and annotations without a second thought. Access to all the previous versions of documents, document history and audit trail completes the comprehensive accountability of interactions.

Edit Content

Content can be saved in any file format. With the viewer supporting over 500 file formats you can quickly identify document pages that require editing. You can then simply launch, edit and save. On the document level you can easily add e-signatures, include annotations and add private or public comments which are system date time stamped. Complemented with Version, Revision you can quickly and easily see who made the changes.

Search & Manage

Quick find or Advanced with combination and conditional search criteria, retrieval has never been easier! You have multiple options, to search by any of the index fields, full text search regardless of file format, location, document type, conditional values, date and modification dates to name but a few. You can even full text search the comments. Managing content and Security is controlled at the system level defining who has access to what and what they can and cannot do with it once they have access.

Automate Content

ContentVerse is your dynamic business repository. Let the system stream line your workload with the automation of repetitive tasks, task-oriented notifications and joint interaction. With workflow management, automatically fast track your input to all your business process interactions. ContentVerse is here to make your business run more efficiently, so you can focus on the work at hand.

Purge When It's Time

Retention policies vary from industry to industry, and ContentVerse is no stranger to regulatory compliance. For life cycle management, relocate, archive and ultimately purge documents from the system so that nothing is inadvertently missed. Our recycle center and retention system is essential to those who are drowning in ever increasing volumes of electronic content and paper documents. You can also use retention policies for operational processes, like automatically scheduling contract renewals.

Let Inception Technologies show you how Computhink ContentVerse can streamline your document management