Document Scanning & Workflow Automation

Custom Application Development Services

Custom Application Development from Inception Technologies Inc. Putting your paper records into a document management system is the first step to becoming paperless. The next step is to make that information available to the systems that your staff uses on a daily basis. Connecting this information to your accounting, medical records or other business systems requires both technical expertise in addition to an understanding of your processes. Listening to your needs and understanding your goals are critical.

Inception Technologies helps companies tie transactional information to their business systems. Whether the information is scanned, extracted from a form, or connected between two systems, we have the technical expertise to make information flow within your organization. We connect the document management systems to your line of business applications allowing you to spend less time looking for information and more time acting on it. Whether your goal is better customer service, faster invoice processing or better patient care, getting information faster makes your staff more productive.

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