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Data Storage

Data Storage Solutions from Inception Technologies

Explosive data growth is an inevitable reality of today's business operations. Companies are seeing their data storage needs expand dramatically each year. Business applications such as email, document imaging, research & development, and others are driving companies storage requirements to all time highs.

Effective data storage management solutions can transform your IT environment by providing flexibility and systematically standardizing and simplifying your data storage systems.

Inception Technologies understands the complex needs of the new age data center and storage architecture. Implementing solutions that promote high availability, disaster recovery, storage consolidation, compliance, data de-duplication and back-up can help you to:

  • Improve efficiencies reducing administrative overhead and freeing up IT resources
  • Provide a central data storage management system
  • Reduce data storage maintenance expenses
  • Provide greater scalability for future growth and flexibility
  • Comply with government and industry regulations
Data Storage

Digital storage from ProStor and Nexsan represent a departure from optical and tape and is the most cost-effective way to store information.


Experience the most cost-effective virtualization, disaster recovery, and data de-duplication from QuorumLabs to ensure high availability of critical business systems.

Data Distribution

High-volume data distribution from Rimage helps disseminate business critical information in the most cost-effective manner possible.

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