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DocTanium: Come Down from the MountainConvenience, Security & Dramatic Cost Savings of Physical Records Storage & Retrieval

Q: What if you could have instant access to your documents and avoid exorbitant “pay-to-pull” fees each time you need to retrieve a document stored off-site?

Q: What if you could have all of your documents scanned for free with each document image being instantly available wherever and whenever you need it?

A: DocTanium from Inception Technologies offers all the convenience of a digital online document management system with the security of physical storage. Never worry about lost documents, bad audits or compliance violations again.

It's time to come down from the mountain...

DocTanium Features

Learn more about how you can take advantage of free scanning, secure online access to all document images and our physical storage capabilities.

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DocTanium Benefits

Find out how DocTanium slashes your costs of document storage, labor and administration up to 75% with no cost to scan and no cost to retrieve.

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How DocTanium Works

Learn more about the process and how easy it is to start utilizing DocTanium today to get your paper headaches under control once and for all.

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