Document Scanning & Workflow Automation

Document Scanning & Conversion Services

OK, so you want us to scan your documents for you. That's fantastic and we are happy to help. Let's look at what the options are for you to outsource so we can provide you with the best service for you. Tell us which scenarios best meet your needs:

What Do You Want To Do?

Back File Scanning

Are filing cabinets overtaking your office? Are you paying to store files on large expensive shelving? Are you storing boxes off site? If so, then come down off the mountain and let us help you digitize your paper documents.

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On-Site Scanning

Inception Technologies offers on-site scanning services for our customers. Our team will come in and scan documents right in your office. Our technology enables us to process and scan on site while uploading to our workflow servers for post scan processing.

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Mailroom & PO Box Scanning

If you're looking to streamline HR on-boarding, invoice processing or other business process, outsourcing is a valuable resource and alternative to doing it in house. Our teams are trained to prep, scan and deliver the documents and data quality that you expect. Let our team help you focus on doing what you do best!

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For more information on these options, call us today at 877-475-2580 or chat with us online. We serve Manchester, Nashua, New Hampshire, Boston, Hartford, New England, and New York.