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I Want to Store or Host My Documents

Many organizations that are new to document capture or decide to just go online and purchase a piece of hardware to do the job fail to account for the impact on the network servers and storage devices that document capture can have. In particular, scanning documents can quickly consume valuable hard disk space. Other times, organizations fail to properly assess the need for security (Link to Reasons for DM/ECM system) around their documents.

Cost effective storage solutions and services are now more prevalent than ever. The options for an organization can be simple or very complex depending upon your needs. Here are some of the options to consider for storing data and documents:

Document & Data Storage Solutions

Network Storage

Adding network storage through an iSCSI SAN is a cost effective and intelligent solution which can be customized to the needs of any organization. Having the capacity to store the documents is only half the problem. Managing the documents is the key.

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On-Premise DM/ECM Solution

Choosing to host your documents internally means that there are more challenges ahead of you. Defining Security Roles, creating Document Types, creating retention policies, and having an audit trail are crucial to proper management of documents. DM/ECM software solutions provide this type of functionality to help business overcome these challenges.

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Cloud Services

Choosing to host data and documents in the Cloud is a growing trend. With Services such as, Office 365, Dropbox and many others, it is important for businesses to understand the ultimate goals or end result the business requires from the service.

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Microsoft Sharepoint

Sharepoint is a powerful tool to help your organization manage documents. With any great power comes great responsibility. Sharepoint’s features and functionality can help your business succeed. Let us help you by providing the on-ramp for documents and data to your Sharepoint site.

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