Document Scanning & Workflow Automation

Document Scanning: How to Get Started

Great! You want to scan your documents. As you look to do this work, there are a number of things to consider. Scanning is more than just renting or purchasing a scanner. Before you purchase or rent, you should really ask yourself what do you want to do with these images.

Do You Want To:

Scan to an Archive or Folder on your Network

(Almost) Nearly every department and company that creates and collects paper can benefit by scanning and archiving their documents. If you're not currently, you may have questions and we have the answers.

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Scan to Extract Information from the Documents

Scanning documents used to only be for archiving. Today the advances in capture software have enabled businesses to extract key pieces of information from within the document in a highly automated fashion.

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Scan to Initiate a Business Process or Workflow

For forward thinking individuals and businesses, document capture and scanning has become a starting point to enabling business decisions to be made using real data by gathering information and making decisions.

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Scan to Database, Cloud Service or Sharepoint

Many organizations are looking for ways to share information in an affordable and secure manner. Organizing data and documents beyond a simple filing structure can provide many benefits.

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