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Image to Microfilm Conversion | Inception Technologies

Many organizations have retention policies that require documents to be stored in an eye-readable  format particularly for long term archival.  The fact is that microfilm eliminates and minimizes the cost of storing documents these documents.  Data migration, power consumption, and backup for archival data can cost companies hundreds of thousands of dollars over the life of the document.  Archiving to microfilm can help minimize or eliminate many of these costs.

Inception Technologies is one of the industry leaders in helping our customers with their long term preservation or backup strategy for their documents. Many organizations have the need to archive documents for more than 7 years. Some organizations in insurance, biotech, government and education markets are utilizing microfilm for deep archiving of their documents.

While storing documents digitally provides many benefits such as secure access and faster retrieval times, the cost to maintain inactive records in a digital state can be very costly. Many organization fail to look at the long term costs of storing documents that may only be accessed occasionally on their primary storage systems. Power consumption, cost to back up, and the migration costs as organizations upgrade storage platforms, can very quickly outweigh the cost of creating a copy down to microfilm.

Inception Technologies offers organizations with these needs and concerns a much more cost effective Hybrid strategy by enabling customers to utilize digital images for retrieval while providing long term storage on 16 or 35 mm microfilm. Our state of the art systems enable us to create perfect microfilm from digital images to give you the best quality microfilm for your long term archival needs. Here are some benefits to this Hybrid Strategy:

  • In the event of a disaster, documents can be accessed without a PC
  • Costs to store documents for the life of the document can be as low as $.01 per page
  • Technology independent
  • Content Management systems can be linked to identify back up copy on microfilm with Roll and Image Address
  • As documents are less active, they can be purged from storage systems with back up remaining on film
  • Potential 500 year life
  • Can be digitized in the future
  • Proven to comply with archiving standards

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