Document Scanning & Workflow Automation

Invoice Scanning & Conversion

Invoice Scanning & Conversion New England Test DriveThe faster you scan and convert your supplier invoices into an electronic format, the better your processes are going to flow. Your organization realizes significant benefits whether you have an existing electronic workflow process, or are scanning the invoice after it has been approved and paid. These benefits include:

  • Instant Retrieval: find your invoice at the click of a button, instead of looking in filing cabinets
  • Better Reporting & Visibility: quickly identify amount owed, aging and processing bottlenecks
  • Duplicate Payment Prevention: never pay a bill twice again

Let us help you realize these benefits (and more) by having us scan and index your invoices. We have extensive experience doing this work, enabling you to spend your time on processing invoices and exceptions instead of scanning them. Since we are document scanning specialists, we know how to take advantage of these technologies, creating clean, crisp images that are properly indexed.

Finally, if you want us to provide an electronic repository for these documents in the form of cloud document management, we can do that as well for an affordable monthly operational expense. This eliminates your need to involve IT or attempting to manage the documents on a file share.

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