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Konica Minolta PS7000 MK II Book Scanner

Konica-Minolta PS7000 MKII Book Scanner from Inception TechnologiesYou can count on Konica Minolta to deliver a superior system for color scanning and digitizing. The PS7000C MK II scanner for books is perfect for large-sized books and other bound materials, with face-up scanning that protects valuable originals.

The Konica Minolta PS7000C MK II is a fast and convenient scanner for books, magazines, ledger volumes, archival documents, legal and financial records, artwork, sheet music, maps, graphics, and 3-D objects. It offers new enhancements for higher scan speed, improved fine-line reproduction, evenly balanced density and ICC profile support for exceptional color and uniform contrast. Plus, face-up scanning protects bindings and fragile pages by eliminating the need to lift, rotate or readjust the original: for multi-page scans, just turn the page.

We use the Konica Minolta to scan books in our Manchester scanning service bureau

The PS7000C MK II offers color scanning speed of 7 seconds or less; large scan area from 5.5" x 8.5" to 18" x 24" accommodates 2-page spreads, art books, large ledgers and records. A built-in book cradle adjusts to fit the spines of bound books and ledgers with left/right mobile sections that can be pressed down under the thicker side of the book to create a leveled surface. Other features include:

  • Ability to scan 3-D objects with fine-line reproduction up to 2" high, allowing you to make sharp color scans of jewelry, historical artifacts, coins and other collectibles
  • Automatic compensation for page curvature at the center spine when bound volumes do not lie flat, masks borders, erases shadows and eliminates the images of fingers that may be holding pages open
  • Compatibility with 3rd-party coin and card vending solutions, allowing end-users to pay directly for the scans and prints they make
  • Compatibility with Windows 2000, Windows XP Windows Vista, and Windows 7 environments

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