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Medical Records Scanning & Conversion

Medical Records & Chart Scanning & Conversion New England Test DriveYour electronic medical records (EMR) solution provides a completely electronic record for all day-forward patient activities. Unfortunately, your current patient records and charts are probably in their original paper format. You want to be able to get the entire medical record into your EMR, so you can recover the space, and realize the new system’s full potential. Getting rid of those records, though, is not as easy as it sounds. There is equipment that must be purchased, and, people must be trained as well.

Just like specialists in a hospital, you need someone who specializes in document scanning and conversion.

Let us help. Instead of investing capital in high volume scanning equipment and staff training to operate it, let us convert your paper medical records into electronic documents with clean images. We will also handle the indexing, so that the electronic images are easily attached to the patient’s file. You will be able to import these files quickly and efficiently. Regardless of where you are in your EMR implementation process, we can convert your records quickly and efficiently, enabling you to take full advantage of your EMR sooner and your staff to focus on patient care and customer service instead of scanning documents.

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