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Mi-Co Mi-Forms Mobile Capture Software from Inception Technologies

With Mi-Forms, you can quickly and easily create e-forms for mobile devices, iPads, tablets, digital pens, and laptops. Packed with features, your e-forms application is interactive and easy to use, and you'll be able to collect data online & offline. With support for voice recognition, text input, pick lists, time stamps, photo capture, handwriting interpretation, and GPS, you can quickly build a fast, flexible data collection solution tailored to your requirements.

Mi-Forms e-Forms Software Systems features:

[+] Compatible With Any Device

Mi-Forms e-Forms  from ProConversions

Mi-Forms works with the devices you want to use – iPads, Android tablets, and Microsoft Windows devices, PCs, Anoto Digital Pens with paper, Hosted or On-premise Servers, Laptops, Workstations – – both online/and offline!

Mi-Co Mi-Forms e-Forms System is compatible with:

[+] Collect Any Form of Data

Mi-Forms e-Forms data capture from ProConversions

Mi-Forms supports any data type you need — text, checkboxes, radio buttons, photos, GPS, barcodes, RFID, speech, and more.

[+] Tough-Friendly Forms

Mobile devices normally have small touch targets, making users work harder because small targets require more accuracy to hit. With Mi-Forms, you can design forms that use “finger-friendly” design components; checkboxes, toggles, and date pickers to increase the accuracy of the data collected.

[+] Sync Your Data from Anywhere

Mi-Forms e-Forms System can Sync Anywhere from ProConversions

Mi-Co fully supports Active Directory and Microsoft Windows Server, SQL Server and SharePoint and can be integrated with almost any back-end system.

[+] Speech Recognition

Hands-free e-Forms, speak naturally and Mi-Forms voice recognition will fill in the fields for you.

[+] Handwriting Recognition

With Mi-Forms Handwriting recognition (or HWR), you can write with a digital pen, stylus or your fingertip!

Mi-Forms will interpret intelligible handwritten input from touch-screens and other devices. Sensing the movements of your digital pen or fingertip, you can collect signatures, diagrams, and field notes.

[+] Photo Capture & Inking

Add photos with mark-up and notes. Even prompt the user for photo capture with workflow rules.

[+] Online & Offline Data Capture

Web-based real time data collection or offline collection with simple synchronization when you're ready.

[+] Your Business Rules

Business rules may be added to a form to enforce quality data collection. Such rules avoid missing data, flag potential errors and can prevent submission of bad data.With Mi-Forms, you can provide users with real-time feedback during data collection. The feedback may occur when data is entered, calculations are performed or when business rules are violated.

[+] Robust Reporting

Mi-Forms can generate reports in your already “approved” format. Mi-Forms can generate reports in industry standard formats like CSV. Alternatively, our services team can provide a custom solution for you using SQL Server Reporting Services or another reporting technology of your choosing so you can understand complete metrics from your data collectors (how many inspections, this month how many patients reported this condition, how long did my staff take to perform this work and more!).

[+] Improve Compliance

Use Mi-Forms to streamline your processes, provide audit trails, and improve quality of care. Mi-Co's Mi-Forms technology platform is:

  • FDA 21 CFR Part 11 compliant
  • HIPAA Compliant

The Mi-Forms System includes:

  • Mi-Forms Designer – Create easy-to-use forms with deep functionality
  • Mi-Forms Client – Intuitive & innovative data capture forms
  • Mi-Forms Server – Accelerate your business processes & integrate with your existing systems
  • Mi-Forms SDK – A powerful development toolkit for you to integrate Mi-Forms' handwriting recognition and mobile data capture into your software & applications

Let Inception Technologies show you how Mi-Co Mi-Forms can streamline your forms processing and data capture & extraction activities quickly and efficiently.

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