Document Scanning & Workflow Automation

Providing the On-Ramp to Microsoft SharePoint

Microsoft SharePoint is an extremely powerful platform for storing data and documents. Inception Technologies provides the on-ramp for storing and organizing your information within SharePoint. Once the data is ingested into a Microsoft SharePoint repository, that information can be used in a multitude of different ways. The information can be used for analytics to present graphical representations of the data in dashboards. It can initiate a very simple or highly complex workflow process. The information may also be simply stored as a replacement to a network folder. Whatever your usage for SharePoint, it certain that we can help upload and populate the SharePoint site.

How Can our Conversion Services be Used with SharePoint?

Outsourcing your document scanning services or data extraction to Inception can be a great decision for nearly any business. Our teams are highly trained in document capture and work hard to ensure WE produce the most accurate data and highest quality image possible.

Our capture workflow is very tightly integrated with web services and Microsoft SharePoint. Our team designs a custom workflow for each of our customers so that we can deliver exactly what the customer wants. Some of the applications we have worked in conjunction with SharePoint are invoice processing, Auto Dealership Service Records and Sales orders, student records and several others. With our capture system, we can write to any SharePoint site or library that our customers make accessible. The best part is that the instant our system exports the data and documents, it is resident and available to users in SharePoint and in some instances, put right to work as it initiates a workflow process.

Using our Capture Solutions with SharePoint

Using SharePoint presents challenges to the organization. Once you build out your SharePoint site, you must now get the data into the system. SharePoint does offer some batch uploading of documents but providing a more structured capture process can lead to better organized information and a better user experience.

Our Capture Solutions are tightly integrated with SharePoint. The key to determining which solution is best for your requirements relies on our partnership with you, the customer. Developing a plan, defining the overall goals of the solution, understanding the intricate workflows, and the minor details of the output will help us define a custom solution that will meet and exceed your expectations.

The Capture Solutions we provide can be configured in many different ways. Here are some of the questions that a customer should be asking of their internal team.

  • Do we need transactional scanning or are we looking for high volume, batch capture or both?
  • Do we need to scan at multiple locations and if so, how do we intend to support that infrastructure?
  • What are my document types and how does that translate into my content types or libraries within SharePoint?
  • What internal resources can be leveraged to minimize manual processing?

These questions become the starting point. Many more questions will come from the answers to these. Rest assured that our team and Capture Software solutions will make getting the information into SharePoint, easy, structured and seamless.

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