Document Scanning & Workflow Automation

Mobile Business Applications

People in your organization are on the go. Salespeople, field installers, claims adjusters, and project managers (to name a few) who all want information at their fingertips. Whether it's a customer form, field claim, supplier invoice that requires approval or service request, making this information available can be a competitive market advantage.

Utilizing electronic forms software on tablets,  Inception technologies can deliver a mobile solution to meet your needs. We understand how to help you:

  • Integrate mobile platforms with your business processes
  • Connect business processes to your existing mobile devices
  • Make technology decisions around which devices to use for your given application
  • Create competitive advantage using mobile technology solutions

Examples of what we deliver include:

  • Creating an e-form that replaces paper invoices for field technician so, instead of waiting for the technician to return to the office to submit the customer ticket, billing happens immediately, reducing your billing cycles
  • Extending your invoice processing approvals to mobile devices, so that they can be approved by business process owners who are on the go
  • Provide field sales representatives full visibility into their customer's purchase history, making your sales team more responsive to your customer's need

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