Document Scanning & Workflow Automation

On-Premise DM/ECM Solution

Historically, organizations have typically stored their documents and data on their own internal network. Many organizations have turned to the Cloud as an alternative but for those who cannot use the Cloud or are skeptical about using it, the alternative is to bring in a solution and manage it in house.

Implementing a Document Management or Enterprise Content Management solution is no small task but the benefits and ROI are there to be had. There are three main components to consider when bringing a DM/ECM solution in house. At a very high level an organization must consider how to capture data and documents, how to organize and search the information and where to securely store the documents on the Network.

Benefits of DM/ECM Solutions

The benefits of a DM/ECM Solution can be greater than one would think. Some of the benefits can be easily identified while others are more subtle. Our solutions can help you with the following:

  • Decrease the time and costs associated with searching for documents by as much as 50%
  • Increase productivity through document workflows and routing
  • Reduce costs of physically storing documents
  • Provide higher level of security around documents while making them easily accessible to those who should have access

So while storing images and documents on your network certainly requires the right amount of disk space, using a Document Management or Enterprise Content Management solution can help you meet the toughest industry or government regulations.

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