Document Scanning & Workflow Automation

Panasonic Document Scanners

Panasonic's full line of document scanners are ideal for improving the productivity of any office—from small business to corporations. Select the model that best matches the usage and special needs of your office.

From desktop scanners to high-volume production scanning, Inception Technologies has the ideal Panasonic document scanner for any organization.

Scanner Range Model Speed (PPM/IPM)* Feeder Capacity Duty Cycle† Comments
Flatbed Scanner iX100 3.0 sec/page 1 100 For scanning passports, datebooks, and other special documents
A4 Size Scanner KV-S1015C 20/40 50 2,000 Slim & Compact - Ideal for small/home offices
A4 Size Scanner KV-S1026C 30/60 50 2,000 Slim & Compact - Ideal for businesses with limited space
A4 Size Scanner KV-S1027C 45/90 100 5,000 Smart Scan - Scan various documents of various sizes
A4 Size Scanner KV-SL1056 45/90 100 15,000 Smart Scan - Scan various documents of various sizes
A4 Size Scanner KV-S1046C 45/90 75 6,000 Can quickly convert large number of document into electronic data
A4 Size Scanner KV-S4065CL 60/120 300 50,000 1 ultrasonic sensor
A4 Size Scanner KV-S1065C 60/120 75 6,000 Faster than KV-S1046C
A4 Size Scanner KV-S1057C 65/130 100 5,000 Faster than KV-S1027C
A4 Size Scanner KV-SL1066 65/130 100 15,000 Faster than KV-SL1056
A3 Size Scanner KV-S4065CW 80/160 300 50,000 Faster than KV-S4065CL
A3 Size Scanner KV-S5046H 80/160 300 25,000 3 labor-saving functions boost work efficiency
A4 Size Scanner KV-S4085CL 80/160 300 50,000 3 Ultrasonic Sensors
A4 Size Scanner KV-S2087 85/170 200 30,000 Ability to scan thin sheets, thick sheets, booklets, cards, and other varying sizes and thicknesses
A3 Size Scanner KV-S5055C 90/180 200 15,000 Ability to perform maintenance without calling for a service technician
A3 Size Scanner KV-S7075C 95/190 200 30,000 Different document sizes and thicknesses can be fed together
A3 Size Scanner KV-S4085CW 100/200 300 50,000 Faster than KV-S4085CL
A3 Size Scanner KV-S5076H 100/200 300 35,000 Faster than KV-S5046H
A3 Size Scanner KV-S3105C 130/220 1,000 Unlimited Features advanced image enhancement technology that optimizes scanner performance

* PPM = pages per minute at 200 dpi, portrait orientation; IPM = images per minute (duplex)
† Duty cycle = maximum pages per day the scanner can handle

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