Document Scanning & Workflow Automation

Scanning Repair Orders and Sales Orders for Car Dealerships

Document Scanning Outsourcing for Car Dealerships

Most dealerships are burdened by the paper records sitting in storage facilities or third party record centers. Every month these files are consuming space or costing hard dollars. Retrieving needed files can be cumbersome as well as costly. Why pay to store the paper while having very limited access to the documents?

Inception Technologies has the solution to solve your problems. Our scan team can pick up your sales order and repair orders, digitize them and provide your sales people, service technicians and customer service reps with instant access to your customer records.

Repair Orders

Put your repair orders at the fingertips of your customer service representatives. Imagine the customer satisfaction rating your reps will get when they can answer questions instantly or provide copies of the past records while on the phone with the customer. Customer service reps can instantly search based on customer's VIN number, date of service, repair order number or other criteria to find the documents in question.

Our document conversion services team will pick up your records, scan them to searchable PDF documents, and upload them into the Doctanium cloud service for fast easy retrieval. Our secure Doctanium cloud service provides your reps access from any smart device or PC/MAC. If you have multiple locations, no problem. Browse to our site and search the files no matter where you are. Securely share documents within the organization or with the customer when needed instead of faxing or sending via an unsecured email connection.

Sales Orders

Digitize your sales orders and provide your sales reps with the insight into potential leads while being able to respond to their customers while they have them engaged. Eliminating paper files can provide your dealership with several benefits such as:

  • Better customer services response timesDocument Scanning & Conversion New England Test Drive
  • Enable sales reps to search for new opportunities within past customers
  • Lower or eliminate costs associated with storing physical files
  • Eliminate lost or misplaced files

The facts are simple. Digitizing paper records can help your dealership improve overall productivity and add to the dealerships overall profitability.  Whether you chose to do it in house or utilize our Conversion Services team, creating Searchable PDF documents can help your dealership operate more efficiently.  Our Doctanium Cloud Service can provide access to documents from any smart device or PC/MAC.   Call us today to find out how Inception Technologies can take your auto dealership into the digital age.