Document Scanning & Workflow Automation

Capture to Initiate a Business Process or Workflow

For forward thinking individuals and businesses, document capture and scanning has become a starting point to enabling business decisions to be made using real data. The integration of Document Capture Software and Workflow or Routing Software applications is becoming the way in which companies are gathering information and making decisions. Business rules and the ability to present data in an easy to use format helps the department heads, managers and C-Level executives make better decisions based on real data. Document Capture from multiple sources has become the starting point for many companies large and small.

  • Human Resources – automate on-boarding and new hire management by assigning tasks to various groups or users. Utilize process driven systems that alert, manage and report on needed documentation and information for new hires.
  • Accounts Payables – Streamline your payables process to take advantage of early pay discounts, eliminate duplicate payments and verify the accuracy of vendor invoices while using information from documents to record data into your ERP or accounting system.
  • Mortgage Processing – Increase your capacity to process loans by implementing a solution that will automatically identify applicant’s documents and notify when missing specific document types.
  • Claims Processing - Capture vital information and eliminate heavy coding of key data needed. Extracting the information with business rules and the use of workflow can dramatically reduce costs while providing information for reporting and starting other business processes associated such as billing.

Enabling systems to exchange information and provide a real time insight into information is key to being a leader in your industry. Our solutions can help your business today. Call us to schedule an appointment.

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