The coronavirus outbreak brought with it a lot of challenges for businesses of all sizes, but for smaller operations in particular, the prospect of prolonged remote work may have seemed particularly daunting. But with a plan and platform for document management, workflows and more, the transition to having an entire office working from home can be easier than entrepreneurs may think.

With the right document management platform, any company – regardless of size – will be able to keep their workers remote, safe and productive.

Security is key
When setting up these platforms, it's also important to make sure only the people who are authorized to view them have the ability to view or edit them. That may require careful curation of permissions lists, but the extra effort will likely go a long way toward protecting the company's interests. Meanwhile, it's also a good idea to make sure workflows are in place to help guarantee people get the information they need in a timely manner – so that nothing falls through the cracks while everyone works from home.

Employees will love the future flexibility
There has long been plenty of data to suggest that workers prefer to have the option to work from home, so while the current situation may seem like a short-term issue, investment in document management platforms is a long-term benefit, according to DocuWare. Setting up these systems now is a necessity, but it will likely be a valuable perk when things return to normal; giving employees access to your file system – whether they're at home or on another continent – will allow them to stay connected without feeling tethered to their desks.

With all this in mind, companies would be wise to investigate all their document management and workflow setups as soon as possible so that they can put the best possible foot forward under the circumstances surrounding COVID-19.