People working in human resources know full well just how time-consuming some of the basic tasks they have to perform can be. The good news is that document management platforms – when combined with proper workflows – can help free up a lot of time for HR departments, whether it's a one-person show or there are multiple people in charge of various aspects of the work.

For instance, a comprehensive management platform will help companies get a better handle on their leave policies, then track who's out and when, according to Employee Benefits News. This is often one of the biggest hurdles for any HR department, and has ripple effects to many other parts of the company, so getting a better handle on it now can go a long way toward ensuring peak operational capacity.

Getting it right
Meanwhile, HR professionals also have to keep close tabs on how they plan and develop workforce training on a continual basis, EBN noted. Document management can help here as well, by giving them a bird's-eye view of how documents are being viewed, edited and transferred between people at the company. Having a better idea of chain of custody for any file is, in and of itself, a massive benefit.

Other perks
When switching from physical documents to digital workflows, HR departments also get the added benefit of greater security, according to Business Computing World. Physical files can go missing or fall into the wrong hands, and when it comes to HR documents, that could mean the exposure of lots of sensitive information.

This typically isn't a concern with digital document management – especially when it includes a backfile scanning component – because HR pros have the ability to grant viewing and editing permissions and users would otherwise still have to be able to log in to the system to view any data.