It's no secret that a huge percentage of the workers who are able to complete their daily tasks remotely have been doing so for months, rather than coming into the office. But today, experts say that some of those workers can come back if they're comfortable doing so, while others may continue their remote work indefinitely – potentially forever.

If your office is making that option available to workers even after the novel coronavirus pandemic, it also needs a robust human resources solution that will allow those people to stay in the loop even as they work from home, according to The HR Director. That should absolutely include a document management platform that allows workers to pull up critical files anywhere they are, collaborate on editing them in real time and so on.

What else is needed?
Even beyond the need to collaborate with coworkers, though, it's also vital that critical documents related to the business itself are accessible to all employees, no matter where they are, the report said. That includes important information about company policies, employee benefits and so on, all stored in a single online location so workers can look up any info they need, rather than always reaching out to the HR team with questions they may have.

What it means for HR
At the same time as all of this is happening, it's also critical to make sure HR professionals are doing what they can to ensure success for the business at large and employees individually, according to a separate HR Director report. That includes making a point of occasionally checking in with remote employees and seeing if there are any concerns or needs that might not be apparent to those who work in the office on a daily basis.

Overall, it's important to make sure employees know what their options are, and also that your organization has adequate infrastructure in place to support them no matter what they choose to do as the pandemic continues.