With the end of the calendar year rapidly approaching, many small businesses may now be thinking about the benefits of adopting a document management and scanning platform. While there are obvious benefits, such as the fact that such a program will allow them to get a better handle on how they store and access their most important files, there are other, tertiary perks smaller companies in particular may gain from such an effort.

Perhaps the most important tangential benefit to adoption for small companies is that by digitizing potentially years or even decades worth of documents currently stored in filing cabinets or even off-site, they can free up massive amounts of floor space, according to Noobpreneur. The fact is that office space is often one of the biggest expenses companies of any size have, but for smaller firms specifically, the marginal savings could really go a long way toward helping their bottom lines.

Peace of mind?
Furthermore, document security – which has gained a lot of scrutiny in recent years – becomes easier to manage, the report said. Not only would every scanned document be password-protected and able to be distributed only to those who need it, but also the risk that critical files (of which there may only be one copy) are physically lost or stolen becomes non-existent.

Get a better handle
Along similar lines, there's also less of a risk that a physical document goes missing because stakeholders gain greater insight into the chain of custody and can even track alterations, according to The Balance Small Business. Simply put, this will allow for greater organization and clarity around the subject of who can or has accessed specific information.

Moreover, empowering employees to remotely scan documents into the system on an ongoing basis can be particularly helpful as well, because it reduces the requirement that a one or two people are in charge of scanning and uploading every document.

When looking into any document scanning option, small businesses have to take a holistic look at their operations and needs, to determine which of the myriad available options will end up working best for their unique needs.