Law offices, like so many other businesses across the country, currently sit closed due to restrictions on non-essential workers going to their place of employment. However, the work of legal professionals doesn't stop just because they can't come into the office.

That means managers and executives need to do more to ensure employees have access to everything they need – no matter where they're working, according to World Trademark Review. Therefore, practices have to make sure their document management platforms are on the cutting edge of the industry, and also guarantee that all appropriate workflows are set up and functioning properly so no one misses out on data they need for their case work.

What comes next?
Once the critical infrastructure necessary to enable potentially long-term remote work is in place, it's important to make sure everyone is up to speed on how to use it as effectively as possible, the report said. Put another way, even if you have all the right workflows in place, you might not get as much out of them as you can if even one person uses them incorrectly.

Know what you need
It's also important for decision-makers to examine their document management needs on an ongoing basis, as well as other tech tools they require to weather the current storm, according to Legal Reader. That could include having the right video conferencing software in place, along with document scanning protocols and equipment, agreement review technology and similarly critical applications in place so that nothing slips through the cracks.

The more that can be done to make sure a firm is responsive to workers' needs as self-isolation orders stretch on for months, the better off all involved – including clients – are likely to be. That, in turn, puts firms in a better position to come back stronger than ever when this is all over.