Document management platforms have become increasingly popular in the human resources departments for businesses of all sizes in recent years, and the reason why is simple enough. The ability to monitor, update and share important employee information with just a few clicks or keystrokes is invaluable to company operations because of how easy it makes everything run behind the scenes.

Companies may still rely on paper files for some workflows, of course, but digitizing as much as possible is a boon for any HR department, according to TechTarget. Most document management platforms are instantly searchable, so even if HR employees or managers don't know the exact file they're looking for, they can simply search the terms they need to find any and all files with those unique words or phrases.

Added security
Beyond the immediate convenience that saves time and money, administrators get a further benefit by adding a layer of security to all the sensitive information an HR department might maintain, the report said. Certain files or directories can be siloed off for extra protection, and user logs will reveal – in real time – who accessed or altered any information contained therein.

Getting it right
Of course, there's no one-size-fits-all document management solution for all HR departments, which is why these platforms are usually quite customizable, TechTarget also noted. Some companies may be fine with the features such software provides out of the box, but typically they will need to go above and beyond those options to customize what these systems do.

With so many choices available, HR decision-makers and other executives would be wise to explore all available options for document management systems themselves, and the customization thereof. Doing so could help them identify ways they can operate more efficiently and securely, based on their specific needs.