Human resources professionals have had a lot on their plate since the coronavirus lockdown went into effect and more workers started doing their jobs remotely.

That required a huge change for many departments, including accounting and HR, and it increased reliance on document management platforms and workflows more or less across the board, according to Employee Benefit News. Depending upon the kind of work a business does, companies may have had to take on new software to ensure all employees have access to the files and data they need, or can more effectively collaborate.

The other side of the coin
Like businesses that rely on these platforms, many providers are also changing their approach to be more accommodating of client needs these days, the report said. That's something HR pros have to keep track of as well, so that all involved can be properly educated about proper use.

Whether it's being done to disseminate necessary details about the company's response to COVID-19 or to simply carry on normal business processes as closely as possible, HR pros should be prepared for any adoption strategy and provide as much clarity to other employees as possible.

Another important job
At the same time as all this is happening, HR pros would also be wise to continually analyze how work is progressing amid new work-from-home standards that could still last for months in some parts of the country, according to Gary Mangiofico, executive professor of organizational theory and management at the Pepperdine Graziadio Business School, writing for HR Dive.

Getting a better understanding of how data flows through your company at this time, and where common issues arise (such as how employees are handling their workloads or dealing with home network connectivity issues) could go a long way for the organization, the report said. With a clearer picture of how work has shifted, companies can better manage their processes and employees' concerns simultaneously.

To that end, HR pros should also continually evaluate how effective their current document management systems have been, and whether now is the time to implement an upgrade.