In the medical profession, you likely handle a lot of highly sensitive material containing everything from patients' medical history to their payment data. However, if more people in your health care organization are working remotely these days to reduce the number of people in an office, that may put such data at greater risk – unless you take a number of steps to improve security.

With an effective document management platform and proper workflows set up, a lot of the behind-the-scenes processes your care provider relies on are easier to complete from just about anywhere, according to the American Medical Association. Your employees will be able to pull necessary files even if they're working remotely, forwarding documents and information as necessary and ensuring a strong continuity of care.

What it takes to succeed
Certainly, having the right systems in place will go a long way toward ensuring success, but it's also important to make sure all the right processes are clearly spelled out and employees are properly trained – on an ongoing basis – to handle whatever will be asked of them, the report said. Meanwhile, the more that can be done to make sure work requirements are able to be siloed appropriately so people only have access to the information they need will help boost security.

Security protocols play a role
At the same time, you should also strive to make sure all employees know the best practices for avoiding security threats such as phishing emails, malware and so on, according to MedCity News. Even under COVID-19, cybercriminals will likely continue to target health care organizations simply because of the wealth of sensitive data they protect, so there should be proper training and a plan in place for how to respond to these threats on an ongoing basis.

The more you can do to make sure your organization can identify and respond to risks as more data is passed between personal devices and dedicated work systems, the better off all involved will be going forward. That effort should, of course, include using a document management platform that meets all your organization's existing requirements.