Legal firms have long understood the importance of having strong document management practices and policies in place, and the good news is that modern technology only makes these tasks easier. However, getting the transition right when moving from all-physical document management to a mix of physical and cloud-based is vital for any firm.

This kind of transition is increasingly common in the legal profession, especially when it comes to making sure the contents of years or even decades worth of documents are quickly accessible within a digital document management platform, according to the podcast Law Technology Now. Putting all that information in the cloud is valuable to law firms because it makes it accessible from anywhere, but that also means new strategies for setting up access protocols, workflows and so on.

Many ways forward
TJ Johnson, practice development lead – professional services for the software engineering firm Olenick, told the podcast that many firms end up utilizing user-friendly apps for connecting to the document management service remotely.

Whether that means they are simply accessing documents or using the systems to remotely scan in new files on an ongoing basis, decision-makers may have plenty of options for doing so simply and securely based on their firms' unique needs.

Now is the time
At the start of the new year, many law firms have recently set their budgets for tech investment for the year, so putting some of that money into a better document management solution may be a great idea, according to Legal Tech News. One of the unique advantages modern options provide is easier collaboration between professionals.

"Platforms specific to the legal industry make this technology no longer a nice-to-have, but rather an essential tool to propel client objectives and drive operational efficiencies," Michele Lange of Workstorm told the site.

With these issues in mind, the quicker law firms can look at their options for these efforts, the better off they will be when it comes to adopting successfully – and as soon as possible.