No matter what industry you work in, constructive feedback is a vital part of your employees' personal and professional development. That said, many employers struggle to create effective and timely performance evaluation practices, especially when they rely on manual review processes. To address these disruptive inefficiencies, companies have begun integrating more advanced and intuitive document management software, which is helping to automate key workflows, decrease feedback windows and provide employees with the support they need to excel.

Positive feedback can be a huge confidence booster for your employees, while constructive criticisms help set clearer expectations and give workers an opportunity to learn from their mistakes. However, research from Officevibe found that around 32% of employees have to wait three months or more to receive feedback from their managers. This unnecessary delay can not only cause interpersonal conflict between your staff and management team, it can also lead to higher employee turnover and lower engagement. That's where HR technologies can help.

Speeding up the process
Modern performance evaluations run the gamut between paper-based surveys and digital score cards, which can make it hard for HR professionals to keep important information in one place. Adopting document capture technology can alleviate some of the stress by ensuring all employee data is stored in a single electronic repository, instead of being spread throughout filing cabinets and folders on your desktop. By eliminating time consuming workflows, managers can spend more time working with their staff and less time digging up months-old performance data.

Maximizing productivity
Addressing performance evaluation issues is about more than employee satisfaction, it's also a key to unlocking greater efficiency. As noted by a Harvard Business Review survey, close to 69% of employees say they would work harder if their efforts were more consistently recognized by management. Of course, keeping track of a large workforce can be impossible without comprehensive HR technologies and document management solutions at your disposal. That's why organizations across industry lines should reflect on how their current software either helps or hinders their ability to provide timely feedback. The longer HR professionals wait to streamline their workflows, the higher the risk of losing out on top performers.