Many small businesses that are in the process of growing, even little by little, may have a growing need for human resources solutions that allow them to effectively bring people aboard on an ongoing basis. A lot of those companies may have little to no dedicated HR staff, with workers in other roles picking up the slack on an as-needed basis.

For that reason, experts say it's a good idea for smaller firms to think about the benefits of investing in HR-specific document management platforms that allow them to get a better handle on certain aspects of the hiring and onboarding processes, according to Smart Business.

What's at stake?
As many businesses still haven't moved to fully paperless offices, the ability to quickly and easily scan pertinent files into document management platforms – and give decision makers access to that information from anywhere – can be a big benefit, the report said. Hiring and onboarding necessarily requires companies to handle a lot of sensitive information and whereas bigger firms might leave control of them strictly under the purview of HR, those without their own independent HR departments may need greater control over the data in question.

What comes next?
Once that information has been stored, companies can also begin to use platforms that allow them to streamline HR processes, according to CIO Review. For instance, access to ongoing HR-related information can help companies get better at handling performance reviews or make sure training is more relevant to individual employees. Furthermore, it may allow companies to take a more holistic look at things like time off, benefits use and so on.

When companies of any size consider all their options for improving behind-the-scenes HR operations and adopting document management, they may be able to function more effectively going forward.