Especially in times like these, it's important for everyone in an organization to make sure they are able to quickly and easily share and update files as needed. That may be particularly true for municipal governments large and small, as transmitting the proper information can be a matter of grave importance.

Given that many cities and towns are now in difficult, unfamiliar terrain due to the pandemic, it may be the perfect time to invest in document management to ensure long-term efficiency. Many municipalities now face significant challenges, including working with large documents that may be of critical importance in terms of organizing an effective municipal response, according to Palm Springs, California, television station KESQ.

What's being done?
During a pandemic, getting important data to all the right people is a must, and it has to be done efficiently and error-free. Whether employees are now working from home or they are not dealing with the public, information still needs to circulate with ease, and the capabilities of workflows and document management can meet the challenge.

When more can be done to ensure a continuity of work even in these difficult circumstances, all involved may come out the other side in a better position.

A perfect example
With a population of roughly 16,000, Windham, New Hampshire, may provide the perfect test case for why these platforms are so effective. This is not a major city with a massive budget, but adopting DocuWare to deal with many previously cumbersome manual processes has been a boon for its town clerk's office and other municipal departments. From digitizing workflows related to vehicle registration; marriage, birth and death certificates; and more, the town now has a better handle on document management.

Meanwhile, important existing town and state documents have been digitized, so that they can be pulled up and managed more effectively, saving days' worth of time each year on organization and data management. In all, the town now stores some 26,000 digital files in its system.

To follow Windham's lead, it's important for cities or towns to consider their own needs and find a platform that will work well based on their unique situations. Fortunately, with a number of options available, this process can be relatively simple.