When HR departments are attempting to improve their organizational approach overall, experts recommend centering those efforts around a comprehensive document management solution. A customized document management solution can help free up time, increase security and ensure compliance with all applicable regulations for just about any company.

One of the biggest problems HR departments have today if they still rely heavily on paper documents is that it's not always easy to track down or share potentially vital information, according to Business.com. However, without document digitization, it's likely to remain a challenge.

Thinking about the big picture
At the same time, that kind of issue can be a big problem when companies are trying to maintain compliance with various rules, especially because they may not have full control over all the files they need on an ongoing basis, the report said.

The good news is that in a lot of cases, switching from a physical document system to a digital, cloud-based option also increases operational efficiency both within and outside the HR department. That, in turn, provides even more return on investment because it frees up HR staffers to take on new projects.

Another time-related bonus
Often, HR professionals are spending a lot of their time simply documenting various issues that crop up as time goes on for any business, according to the Forbes Human Resources Council. But the time it takes to properly categorize and file away that information, and then to find it again on an as-needed basis, can be significant.

"This can be problematic when data can't be located to respond to litigation, complaints or leadership inquiries," Bridgette Wilder, of Wilder HR Management & EEO Consulting, noted to Forbes. "To prevent this, have a defined records and retention process, maintain a master data tracker for locating information and conduct periodic audits."

With that in mind, HR departments may want to think about the ways in which they can institute a new document management system, complete with workflows that make sure data gets where it's supposed to go.