Canon DR-G2140 Color Scanner



The Canon DR-G2140 color scanner is ideal for processing large amounts of documents in mission-critical, centralized production scanning environments. It has been developed to withstand the rigors of production-level scanning while maintaining high-speed, high quality imaging. The DR-G2140 USB scanner can help businesses improve productivity, maintain continuity, increase efficiencies, and securely manage information.

The Canon DR-G2140 Color scanner handles up to 140 pages per minute ,both sides in a single pass and holds up to 500 sheets in the ADF. It is also equipped with a dedicated, onboard image processing
chip, making it capable of maintaining fast scanning speeds, independent of PC performance. These features all help contribute to improve productivity.

This scanner is flexible enough to reliably handle a variety of document types, from business cards to ledger-sized documents, long documents, and thin or thick documents, using its advanced feeding mechanism. This helps reduce labor-intensive pre-sorting and job preparation. Plus, double-feed detection helps to ensure that no data is lost. A durable, solid-body design as well as heavy duty feed and eject trays contribute to the scanner’s reliability.

Production scanning requires robust capture software to maximize the throughput and return on investment (ROI).  Software applications such as ABBYY FlexiCapture, PSIGEN PSI Capture or Kodak Info Input can help any organization maximize productivity.  Because of the superior image quality, the Canon DR-G2100 series scanners help OCR extraction, increasing the accuracy.   Interactive Multi Feed Recovery feature streamlines the process of double feeds and re-scans improving performance by 15% or more.

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