Schools figuring out remote learning, document management needs

Many educational institutions – from small school districts to massive colleges – were forced to shift to a remote learning model on relatively short notice, with just a few months to go in the school year. Nearly all have now ended their 2019-20 academic calendars, but with no change in the present situation seemingly on the horizon, most are also shifting their focus to creating a smoother experience for educators and students alike when schools reopen this fall.

Right now, it has become broadly apparent that many schools will have to at least support more remote learning options for certain students, if not their entire student bodies, simply because the effects of the novel coronavirus pandemic aren't going away before August or September, according to Times Higher Education. That may mean over the next several weeks that more organizations will have to look into comprehensive document management platforms that allow clear tracking of who views and edits documents, as well as collaboration on various types of files.

Boosting engagement
Meanwhile, there's increasing anecdotal evidence to suggest that students completing their lessons at home just aren't as engaged with the work they're assigned as they would be if the lessons were being given in the classroom, the report said. For that reason, the Singapore Institute of Technology put a live chat into place during normal lessons so students could ask questions in real time without interrupting the flow of the lecture, and still engage with what was being said. Similar efforts could prove fruitful for other schools as well.

The right mix
Of course, some schools are currently planning for at least some in-person learning opportunities, and while conditions can certainly change on this front, there may need to be a plan to support both those lessons and remote teaching simultaneously, according to NBC Chicago. In Illinois, for instance, the state government "strongly encourages" in-person instruction once fall arrives, but with highly modified approaches to potentially keep everyone safe.

For all these reasons and more, school administrators need to do all their due diligence to identify potential pain points and try to find appropriate document management platforms to support the needs of students and teachers alike.