What departments should you consider starting to digitize your records?

Special Education

Special Ed Records are a typical starting point for school systems.  IEP’s contain highly sensitive Personal Information and securing those records is crucial for limiting liability.  Inception’s team can scan the paper in the filing cabinets and boxes for your schools while providing secure access to those records.  With a robust security platform in place, the document management system can limit access based on your criteria even limiting access by such things as school attended, assigned counselor or any other criteria.  Utilizing a retention schedule, files can be flagged and purged based on your organization’s defined retention policies.

Human Resources

The HR department is a paper intensive area for almost all organizations.  School districts can gain control over your HR records and provide access to HR Directors, managers and even employees based on your defined security requirements.  Our team can scan your records to searchable PDF’s and provide documents that are fully searchable within seconds instead of hours or days using paper.

Finance Department

Inception Technologies can help your school district’s finance department with processing incoming invoices, payment vouchers, deposits, financial reports, contracts, Grant files and more.  The finance department generates a lot of records both digital and paper based.  Managing those files and providing the information to the right people can be a tremendous time savings for staff. Automating invoice approval workflows or purchase order requests can provide a fast ROI (Return on Investment) for any school district looking to lower costs and do more with less.

What does it cost to digitally transform your school district?

To be completely transparent, the answer to this question is dependent on many variables.  To get a firm sense of what it would cost, a needs analysis should be done.  Our team members will work you through the process to help you understand all of the factors that can impact the cost.  The good news is that we can work with you to develop a plan that can help move you into a digital platform and process your documents all within your defined budget.

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Combining digital and paper records storage

As we have stated, digitally transforming your school is a journey.  Some school districts are not completely comfortable with scanning and shredding documents right away.  For those customers, we offer records storage services in our secure facility. We can pick up, transport and store your documents to free up valuable space within your facilities.  In addition, with our Scan-to-zero program we can gradually begin to reduce your paper storage as the school system becomes more comfortable with going digital.