DocTainium Cloud

Cloud-based Document Management made simple, secure, and cost-effective.

DocTainium Cloud Document Management System is an easy-to-use cloud-based subscription service designed for the entry level user looking to get started in the digital transformation journey.  It’s cloud file services made simple! Our service is designed to minimize the cost of entry so your organization can immediately see a return on investment for digitizing your paper files.

Put your documents at your fingertips.  Whether you are in the office or working remotely, you will have access to your files in seconds. Industry studies show that organizations spend 30-50% of their time looking for documents. With DocTainium Cloud, your team will spend less time searching and more time focused on your core business, resulting in a better bottom line.

Is DocTainium Cloud right for my organization?

DocTainium Cloud is an entry level solution for organizations that are looking to move to a digital platform for managing your files without spending thousands or tens of thousands of dollars on a sophisticated and robust solution that you just aren’t ready to fully utilize.  Simplicity in design and pricing is our model, so your company can organize, search, and retrieve your files.  No per user fee, simply pay for what you use for storage with the ability to increase as you need it.

Why choose DocTainium Cloud?

It’s really an easy choice to get started, but here are some reasons why you should consider using DocTainium Cloud.

  • Unlimited users, no per user fee when you need more users – simply create the login
  • Pay for what you use as you only pay for the file storage you need
  • Secure and control access to your files
  • Provide remote access to users either traveling or in a work from home environment

Features & Benefits

DocTainium Cloud offers many features and benefits that your organization can utilize.  The Return On Investment can often times be a matter of months.  Here are some of the features that can help your organization.

  • Drag & Drop files to the cloud
  • Use hot folders to scan from any device to upload to the cloud
  • Use any capture application to extract information and automatically upload and store documents to the cloud
  • User Security to limit access right using Users and Roles
  • Store any file type up to 100GB including audio and video files
  • No software to install on your local PC

All these features can create some incredible benefits for your organization.  Here is what we see with our customers today.

  • Increased security around documents
  • Increase in employee productivity by freeing up time currently spent searching for documents
  • Help maintain compliance with company regulations or industry standards
  • Ability to quickly adapt to a remote workforce during disasters or pandemics
  • Greater visibility into your records

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