Mail Room Scanning

Go paperless with digital mailroom Services

Traditional mail handling processes are time-consuming, expensive, and wasteful. Outsourcing your mailroom can reap big rewards.  Mail can be redirected to the correct person’s email address for immediate access. Organizations can also filter spam, store invoices and other important documents instantly, and improve compliance by reducing lost paper mail.

Inception can help you transform your mailroom. Our 25 years of experience have enabled us to help many organizations across diverse industries convert paper-based processes into efficient, secure and effective ones. You can trust us to open, sort, and manage your mail, and then electronically route it directly to the recipient for review, approval, and processing.

digital mailroom Services

We use the latest technology to capture the best image quality possible.  With 99.999 percent uptime on cloud software and workflow tools, we can deliver your organization a safe, efficient, and effective digital mailroom.

  • Mail collected according to your preference
  • Mail opened, prepped & scanned
  • Data capture & quality control
  • Kick off automated workflow
  • Data entry into your system
  • Delivery to platform of your choice

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