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Inception Technologies brings you all of the advantages of digital document management while protecting your critical documents from loss, damage and prying eyes. With over 25 years of experience helping businesses like yours, we offer the safest solution for managing all documents and information across your organization.

Our document management or ECM (Enterprise Content Management) solutions and services can help any organization adapt and thrive.  With a suite of tools available both for on-premise and cloud based, Inception Technologies can quickly deploy a solution to meet your needs and help your organization prepare for the challenges that lie ahead.

What to consider when selecting a Solution

Document Management solutions are not all the same.  While all document management solutions provide the ability to search and retrieve documents, not all have the advanced functionalities to drive your business.  Many factors should be considered when choosing a document management system.

  • How do you intend to use the system?
  • Do I need workflow?
  • Do I want on-premise or a cloud based solution?
  • How many users will I need?
  • How much storage will I require?

What are the benefits of a Document Management System?

There are many benefits to moving from paper-based filing systems to a document management system.  For each customer the benefits can vary based on the solution chosen but many of our customers report that they see the following benefits:

  • Greater productivity as employees have access to important documents in an instant
  • Lower costs by eliminating the heavy burden of paper storage as well as the costs associated with printing, copying, shipping and labor to manage the documents
  • Data security and compliance by controlling access to sensitive information and enforce security measures
  • Business continuity as document management helps protect against natural disasters or pandemics by providing access with cloud solutions

What type of Document Management or ECM system do you need?

The system you chose will be based on many factors.  Some of the most important things to ask yourself are the following:

  • Do you want an on-premise or cloud based solution?
  • What are your driving factors for choosing a solution?
    (1. Budget, 2. Functionality, 3. Growth)
  • Do you need advanced features like Workflow or E-forms?
  • Do you just need simple search and retrieval?

Inception offers multiple document management solutions to fit your needs.  For organizations with entry level needs and budget sensitive, Inception Technologies Doctainium  cloud is a simple and easy to use document management system that provides for unlimited users while only paying for the storage you choose.

For organizations that wish to embrace the digital transformation movement, Inception Technologies is a DocuWare authorized partner.  DocuWare provides a robust feature set including features such as Workflow , Electronic Forms , and retention policies.

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