Document Shredding Services

Inception Technologies provides in house secure document destruction and shredding services using our industrial shredder.   Our shredding equipment offers high capacity for shredding large volumes of material. It’s powerful enough to shred just about anything including entire files, stacks of computer forms, cardboard, tapes, and CD/DVDs.

Organizations that require secure document shredding can rely on Inception Technologies to help them safeguard private information and support compliance, security, and privacy policies.  In addition, customers that shred also free up valuable office space or eliminate ever increasing storage costs.

When you combine document scanning with secure document destruction, you are being environmentally friendly and securing you and your customers private information.  Our shredding services safeguard your documents and business information from criminals that may sift through your dumpster looking for information they can use.  We can eliminate potential breaches by securely shredding those documents.  Using our cloud services to host your documents, secures your digital documents with a robust security platform making documents accessible to the right people in just a few clicks.

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