Document Scanning & Workflow Automation

Kodak Capture Pro

Kodak Capture Pro from IMSConverting paper documents into electronic images can be challenging. You need clean crisp images. You need a single interface for both casual and power users that works with any document scanner. You need barcode detection, database look-ups, maybe OCR, and an easy way to index electronic files. You need connectivity with your document management system or line of business application. You need a scanning application that will scale with your documents and not cost you without expensive click charges. In short, you need Kodak Capture Pro.

If you are using Microsoft SharePoint, Kodak Capture Pro is your answer. You can scan directly into your SharePoint libraries, allowing you to incorporate paper documents into your SharePoint managed processes. Whether it's an invoice, an HR form or a contract, you can expand your SharePoint capabilities with Kodak Capture Pro software.

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