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ST Imaging ViewScan IV Microfilm Scanner with PerfectView Software

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The ST Imaging ViewScan Microfilm Scanner is an industry leader when it comes to digitization of micrographic media.  The ViewScan can view roll film, microfiche, aperture cards, jackets, and even color slides.  The ST Imaging ViewScan Microfilm Scanner with its advanced hardware and all new, user friendly software becomes an invaluable asset to libraries, universities, government institutions, or any company that needs to retrieve information from their archival documents in digital form.   This unit enables you to digitize your microfilm on a limited basis. For larger jobs, consider our microfilm scanning services.

Designed with familiarity and innovation in mind, the hardware features exclusive film motor controls on the scanner, nearly identical to old reader/printer carriers, making it familiar, easy to use and, most importantly, easy to learn.  Its small footprint makes the scanner capable of fitting most locations.

ST Imaging ViewScan Microfilm Scanner key features:

  • 18 Megapixel Color Camera
  • ST Perfect Focus
  • Color Coded Software for ease of use
  • Virtual Film technology

Scanning microfilm is much different in the digital age with the ViewScan Microfilm Scanner than when the technology was first introduced. Previously, when working with 35mm film one would have to project and enlarge the image to fill out the screen. In the digital age we are reducing! The lens actually takes that 35mm (over 1” tall) image and reduces to fit on an image sensor under 1/4”.

The all-new PerfectView Software includes a stunning new capability for our desktop microfilm scanner: VirtualFilm Technology. This innovation turns all captured images into a virtual roll of film, which can optionally be saved and recalled. It takes our ground-breaking Image Bin feature and adds capabilities to re-load, re-size, retrieve and further edit, enhance and share previously scanned images.

Additional information

Weight 610 oz
Dimensions 24 × 22 × 18 in


Type of Microfilm

16/35 mm Microfilm, Microfiche/Aperture Cards


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