Inventory Steps

Inception Technologies guarantees that each of your records will be processed in a fast and accurate manner. Our team is heavily trained to understand how each record is to be identified. Human error is unavoidable but with our multi step Quality Control process, we can minimize and correct those errors. Inventory is the first step and the foundation of the Quality Control process.

As customers boxes come into our imaging facility, best practices dictates that each customer provide an inventory of each box provided. Many customers chose not to follow this recommendation. In either instance, the Inception team will inventory each box to provide a verification or create a manifest of customer records and create a unique ID for each record to track through the scanning process. By doing this, Inception can provide the following benefits to our customers:

  • Multi step quality control process
  • Unique tracking ID for each record
  • File requests can be located quickly
  • 100% match of deliverable digital files for each physical record
  • Provide a detail report post scanning of the records captured

Our process has been developed as a result of each one of our customers jobs. We continually evaluate and look to improve our processes so that you are getting our best effort and utilizing the most advanced processes developed.

Take the First Step

You will work with our team to understand the key data elements that need to be extracted from the documents along with the unique identifiers in the inventory process. In doing, this our team is eliminating the duplicate data entry (link to Data Entry page), providing a unique file tracking ID, and minimizing the data entry and extraction costs.

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